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Elevating the Case for Better Transportation Procurement
Efficient transportation procurement remains an elusive goal for many shippers and 3PLs for good reason. Knowing which ocean carrier or trucking company to use on a given lane at a given time is critical, but many companies still handle these key decisions in an analog manner.

The first step is understanding that technology exists to address transportation procurement. But the next part is more difficult – clearly defining the return on investment that could result in transforming from an organization dependent on manual procurement to one focused on technology-driven procurement.

This one-hour session will highlight the latest best practices in transportation management and how to understand where the ROI in automated procurement comes from.

Highlights include:

  • Analysis of the ROI from using 3PLs or managed transportation services for procurement
  • The differences in using technology to procure for domestic and global modes
  • A 3PL’s experience in implementing procurement automation technology

Expert panelists include:

  • Steve Banker, Service Director, Supply Chain Management, ARC Advisory Group
  • Andreas Katsaros, Vice President, Pricing & Procurement, Blue Grace Logistics
  • Eric Johnson, IT Editor and Research Director, American Shipper
  • Vikram Balasubramanian, SVP of Product Strategy, MercuryGate International